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Part I: People, Profit, Politics, and Pr... > Summary of Part I: People, Profit, P...

Summary of Part I: People, Profit, Politics, and Process

  • A balanced and centered approach to your career begins with self-awareness while you measure your reactions to change and professional growth.

  • Put yourself into thrive vs. survive mode by making excellence your security ticket. Be the one your company wants to keep and the competition wants to steal away. Be the “wow” hire.

  • Being a kingmaker is a way to solidify your value to the organization, to your management, and to your own sense of free agency and security.

  • With headcount reductions and each job counting for two, only the excellent employee will thrive. We could be headed for the ultimate meritocracy, as each post is weightier than ever.

  • Profit is a chief goal of every corporation. Understanding this driver will help you to find fulfillment within the overriding goal. Contribution to growth and profit will enhance your value within the organization.

  • It is imperative that people who matter know you as a person and a professional. Comfort zones matter as much or more than competency to some hiring managers.

  • Practice ways to bring your comfort level up around the leaders in the organization without changing the core values that define you.

  • Make the work your purpose over the politics so that you can direct energy and focus in a positive way. The honor of great work is a dignified objective and it will keep you from harm.

  • Be aware of the true “agenda.” Don’t be afraid to ask for clarification.

  • The way you lose is as important as the way you win promotions. Be gracious and take the time to reflect and learn from the episode. Think beyond the obvious before making any moves that you can’t take back.

  • Take the time you need in each post to learn as much as possible before moving on. Don’t Peter Principle yourself. Be aware of what you want and why you want it.

  • Handle change from a leadership position: Don’t contribute to gossip, and help to clarify truth and direction. Embrace new direction or management with a positive mental attitude: innocent until proven guilty.

  • Get comfortable with ego, fear, and competition: How do you manifest each? How can you improve and what can you let go of? How will getting a grip on these emotions make your life and career easier?

  • Lead through empathy, clarity, focus, and positive energy. Keep your mind’s eye on legacy.

  • Identify people who are champion material and ask for mentorship. This is an imperative.

  • Embrace diversity as a conduit to productivity, creativity, and innovation, as well as a way to bridge gaps in your own communities.

  • Excellence has no gender, color, or religion. Excellence trumps stereotypes. Be accountable as the hiring manager or the diverse employee and open a gateway to your industry for a whole variety of people.



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