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Chapter 4. Scenic Views, Sunshine, and the Joys of Traveling or Creating the...

Chapter 4. Scenic Views, Sunshine, and the Joys of Traveling
or Creating the Self-Motivating Situation

We need to stop looking at work as simply a means of earning a living and start realizing it is one of the elemental ingredients of making a life.

—Luci Swindoll

One morning a national leader gazed in the mirror and knew his time had passed. He decided that he should select his successor. He believed this to be his most important remaining decision. Under his guidance, his tribe had grown from a small, disorganized, self-defeating people into a powerful nation with much pride and sense of purpose.

So it was that he summoned his two greatest governors to his quarters—one of whom he would choose as his successor. He turned to the first governor, whose accomplishments were great though significantly less than those of the other, and said, “Tell me of your philosophy of leadership and of how you have accomplished what you have.”

The first governor responded quickly and simply, “I have learned the skill of getting my people to do what they should do whether they like it or not.”

Then the national leader put the question to the second governor, whose physical stature and manner were considerably less impressive but who for some reason had accomplished significantly more.

The second governor had to think for a few moments and then answered in a manner that was not so clear and simple. “I'm not really a leader at all,” he began.

The great national leader was concerned with this response and was beginning to think that the first governor was a more likely choice.

“There are your leaders,” the second governor continued as he motioned to the crowds of citizens outside the building.

Now the great leader was more thoughtful and curious about the second governor's response though still unsure of its merit. All was quiet for some time and the great leader motioned to the crowd and asked, “Then what is the secret of their leadership?”

The second governor again responded slowly and thoughtfully. “They believe in what they are doing and for the most part enjoy doing it. You see, the secret to leading oneself is doing what one believes is worthwhile and doing so specifically because you believe in it and enjoy doing it. I'm just a coordinator of sorts. I simply try to help them discover what it is that they see as worthwhile and the capability, interest, and desire within them to do it. I find if I can help them get themselves pointed in the same purposeful, exciting direction, there is an unleashing of a tremendous power for progress.

Now the great leader thought awhile concerning the second governor's response with a sense of awe and wonder. “I have made my decision,” he stated after a few moments.

All those inside and outside the chamber within hearing distance grew very silent straining to listen.

“For the future leadership of our nation, I have chosen these people!” he proclaimed while motioning with both hands to the crowds outside. And then turning to the second governor he said, “And you shall coordinate them.”



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