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Part II: Starting New Projects with Auto... > Using Linetypes and Lineweights Effe...

Chapter 5. Using Linetypes and Lineweights Effectively

Linetypes and lineweights provide a method for you to create objects that differentiate themselves from other objects. By applying different linetypes and lineweights to different objects in your drawing, you make objects distinguishable among themselves. By using linetypes and lineweights properly, you create a drawing that visually transfers its meaning to the viewer.

But using linetypes and lineweights effectively requires more than just making a drawing look good. It requires an understanding of the features AutoCAD 2002 provides for controlling the appearance of linetypes and lineweights. These features include setting defaults, controlling scale globally and individually, and customization. By learning about the range of features offered by AutoCAD, you can exploit the usefulness of linetypes and lineweights to the fullest. By understanding their features, you have the foundation needed to use linetypes and lineweights effectively.

This chapter discusses linetypes, which were available in previous versions of AutoCAD, and explores lineweights, which was new in AutoCAD 2000. This chapter covers the following subjects:

  • Assigning linetypes

  • The linetype scale factor

  • Creating simple and complex linetypes

  • Assigning lineweights

  • Understanding lineweight display behavior



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