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Chapter 1. What’s New in AutoCAD 2000 > The Fifteenth Release of AutoCAD

The Fifteenth Release of AutoCAD

It’s not often that we begin both a new century and a new millennium. Autodesk (the company behind AutoCAD) and several other major software producers are taking the opportunity to name the newest versions or releases of their flagship products “Software 2000.” Thus, the newest release of AutoCAD is not designated AutoCAD Release 15, but AutoCAD 2000. The excitement over the approach of the year 2000 aside, AutoCAD 2000 represents the 15th release of what has become the world’s leading computer-aided-design software package. The designers of AutoCAD 2000 have taken a very popular AutoCAD Release 14 and expanded its capabilities in several significant ways.

The key features of AutoCAD 2000 can generally be divided into five major categories. It is the purpose of this first chapter to take a brief look at these categories and some of the specific tools and capabilities that they contribute to AutoCAD 2000. These categories encompass:

  • Improved productivity with features that, taken together, Autodesk terms a Heads-Up™ Environment

  • Improved access and usability of the software’s features

  • Expanded reach by easing connectivity to data and the work of others

  • Streamlined output to enhance documentation

  • Greater customization to allow the software to more closely meet the individual user’s needs

This chapter presents a fairly large-scale overview of the new features in AutoCAD 2000. Such a survey should prove useful to veteran AutoCAD users as each feature or usability improvement is briefly described and, where appropriate, illustrated. Each feature is, of course, covered in more detail in later chapters and chapter references are included. Not all features are included here, but you are referred to the index for further help.



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