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Part IX: Reference Materials > Express Tools Tutorials

Express Tools Tutorials

The following tutorials demonstrate a representative sampling of the Express Tools. Not all the options or features of these tools are included in these short exercises, but you should get a feeling for what these tools are capable of doing. Please refer to the Express Help facility found on the Express pull-down menu for the options available with each of these and the other Express tools.


Open the drawing APP-1.DWG from this book’s CD-ROM.

Start Layer Manager in one of the following ways:

  • Click on the Layer Manager tool from the Express Layer Tools toolbar.

  • Choose the Express pull-down menu, then Layers, Layer Manager.

  • Type lman and press Enter at the command prompt.

The Layer Manager dialog box appears. If necessary, place the screen pointer in the title bar of the dialog box, click and drag the box to the position shown in Figure B.1. Notice in the bottom-left corner that the current layer state is titled PLAN-ONLY.

Figure B.1. The Layer Manager dialog box.

With the Layer Manager dialog box still displayed, highlight the ALL-ON layer state, then click Restore.

Note that the ALL-ON layer state makes all layers visible.

Highlight the layer state DIMS-OFF and click Restore. Note that the Dimension layers are turned off.

Close the Layer Manager dialog box.

Using AutoCAD’s Layer Control drop-down list on the Object Properties toolbar, turn off the layer BRTITLES.

Select Layer Manager to display the Layer Manager dialog box again. Create and save the current layer state by clicking the Save button. Save the current layer state as NO-NOTES . Then Select and Restore the layer state DIMS-OFF.

Restore the layer state NO-NOTES and note that the layer BRTITLES is not displayed.

Delete the layer state NO-NOTES by clicking the Delete button and clicking Yes in the Warning dialog box.

Finally, restore the layer state PLAN-ONLY and close the Layer Manager dialog box.

Leave this drawing open if you plan to continue in the next exercise.



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