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Chapter 23. Effective Applications for O... > Importing Objects into AutoCAD Using... - Pg. 429

Effective Applications for OLE Objects in AutoCAD 2000 429 In contrast, although an embedded object also inserts a copy of a file into your drawing, it does not maintain a link to the source file. An embedded OLE object behaves similarly to a block inserted from another drawing in that the inserted file exists independent of the source from which it was copied, and may be edited independently without affecting the source file. More importantly, any edits made to the source file are never reflected in the embedded OLE object. Use linked objects when you want modifications to the source file to appear in your drawing, and use embedded objects when you want to insert a copy of a file, and do not want edits to the source file to appear in your drawing. OLE objects inserted into AutoCAD drawings have certain limitations. Additionally, OLE objects typically appear in plotted drawings when plotted using devices configured as a Windows system printer or new HDI drivers. Another limitation is that OLE objects cannot be resized if they are rotated in your drawing. Even with these limitations, you will find object linking and embedding a very useful feature. You can use the OLESTARTUP system variable to optimize the quality of plotted OLE ob- jects. The variable controls whether the source application of an inserted OLE object loads when plotting. Setting the value to 1 instructs AutoCAD to load the OLE source application when plotting. Setting the value to 0 instructs AutoCAD to not load the OLE source appli- cation when plotting. NOTE Importing Objects into AutoCAD Using OLE You can create compound documents in AutoCAD by linking or embedding objects from other ap- plications. For example, you can insert a table from a spreadsheet application, a set of notes from a word processing application, and a graphic image from a paint program. By inserting the desired objects into your AutoCAD drawing, you create a compound document.