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Chapter 7. Creating Elementary Objects > Using the ARC Command - Pg. 130

Creating Elementary Objects 9. 130 To erase the last line segment, issue the ERASE command by entering E . At the Select objects: prompt, type L and press Enter. Note that the last completed line segment is highlighted. Now, with the Select objects: prompt still current, press Enter. The line is erased. Your drawing should now re- semble Figure 7.4. Figure 7.4. Setting up the center lines for the fixture base. 10. Save your drawing at this point using the name Chap7.dwg. If you are continuing with the next section, leave this drawing open. The LINE Command Options The LINE command is straightforward and easy to use. It offers the following features: · Specify first point.At this prompt, your input places the first point of the first line segment. If you press Enter at the Specify first point prompt, the line segment will start from the last specified endpoint of the last drawn line segment or arc. · Specify next point.At this prompt, your input places the point to which the current line segment is drawn. · [Close/].After two successive line segments have been drawn, you can type C (Close) to close the series. A line is drawn from the last endpoint to the first point of the series. · [Undo].At any Specify next point: prompt, you can type U (undo) to undo the last line segment drawn. Repeating the U option will step back through multiple line segments. Keep in mind that the LINE command draws individual lines or line segments whose only relation- ship to one another is that the endpoint of one segment shares the same coordinate as the start point of the next segment. INSIDER TIP If you are constructing a long series of line segments using the LINE command, break the continuity of the chain and restart it occasionally by pressing Enter three times. This has the effect of ending the series, restarting the command, and beginning a new series from the end of the last. Then if you perform a U command at a command prompt, it will undo only the last LINE command's series of line segments, instead of all the segments since the very first start point. You can end or exit the LINE command at any time by pressing Esc or by pressing Enter at any Specify next point prompt. Using the ARC Command The ARC command is used to draw portions of circles known as arcs. Its several options make constructing an arc with a variety of known parameters such as center, start point, chord length, radius, and so on much easier than with traditional manual drafting methods. In the following exercise, you will draw an arc by specifying three points on its circumference. After completing the arc, you will erase it and then draw two small arcs to round the corners of the fixture base. Use the coordinate display on the status bar and the Snap feature to identify points.