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Part VI: CAD on the Internet > Project Collaboration over the Internet

Chapter 26. Project Collaboration over the Internet

Project design is a collaborative process. From concept to final construction or manufacturing, a varying range of disciplines are involved in bringing an idea to reality. Each member of the design team has specific processes to follow and standards to apply. Effective management of the project design process requires timely communication and rapid distribution of design standards.

This chapter discusses how the World Wide Web benefits the design process by facilitating communication and delivering a collaborative environment. The chapter also covers some important Internet collaboration tools for the design and engineering space. Finally, this chapter examines a design firm that has embraced Internet technologies. You will study the business reasons that led this firm to become a leader in its field in the use of the Web. The firm’s CAD Web site is examined here, with discussion of the problems and issues encountered, how they were overcome, and what the Web has meant for the firm’s business. The discussion wraps up with a tour of the site itself. Specifically, this chapter covers the following topics:

  • Coordination and the iterative design process

  • Collaborative Internet technologies

  • Internet-related enhancements to xrefs in AutoCAD 2000

  • Case study background: Architekton

  • Site implementation

  • Going live online

  • Taking the Architekton tour



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