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Part IV: Annotating, Dimensioning, and P... > Productive Dimensioning - Pg. 325

325 Chapter 17. Productive Dimensioning When working in a production environment, one of the more time-consuming and critical challenges is the need to dimension a drawing quickly and accurately. Then, if necessary, you must also be able to modify and correct existing dimensions just as quickly and accurately. This chapter and Chapter 18, "Advanced Dimensioning," introduce you to various techniques nec- essary to dimension a drawing quickly and easily. The techniques are the same, regardless of the type of drawing, whether it is architectural, civil, or mechanical in nature. This chapter focuses on how to become more productive when dimensioning by using AutoCAD's basic dimensioning tools. Chapter 18 focuses on how to modify existing dimensions quickly. In particular, this chapter focuses on the following topics: · · · · Linear dimensions Other dimension types Leader dimensions Layout window and model space dimensioning