Companies with multiple seats of AutoCAD have issues that are uniqe to only them when they are getting ready to upgrade their software. They run into advanced customization issues, networking and file sharing problems brought on by the upgrade, and other problems associated with a new software purchase. Inside AutoCAD 2000, Limited Edition focuses on these special needs while providing complete, hands-on coverage of AutoCAD 2000. This limited edition includes the entire contents from Inside AutoCAD 2000 and seven entirely new chapters, 25% larger. Additional chapters cover - Visual LISP, Advanced customization (toolbars, menus, etc.); VBA; Migration Assistant, DIESEL; Installing 2000 in the Business Environment (setting up AutoCAD over a network), and Advanced Plotting. Chapters progresses from the most common tasks and functions to the most advanced and customizable. You learn by doing, and everything you learn can be expolated to your unique AutoCAD needs.

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