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Get real with MIDI 20 Figure 2.9. Drum sequences, Score view Figure 2.10. Drum sequences, Matrix view Figure 2.11. Drum sequences, Hyper view Tip Avoid playing three things on the same beat ­ apart from the kick drum ­ because drummers don't possess three arms and it may sound unnatural! Sequencing guitars How we approach this depends on whether the instrument is acoustic or electric and whether the music is melodic or rhythmic. Straightforward melodic lines are quite easy with nylon string, steel string and jazz guitars but judicious use of pitch bend will often be needed. Rock guitar lines are harder. More pitch bend is usually required. Modulation can be added afterwards on a separate track and is one way to simulate a real player's use of vibrato. Take care not to overdo it though. · Load getreal/gtr/lick to hear a short lick recorded this way. Use the Hyper Edit, Event List and Matrix Edit windows to examine the pitch bend and modulation information. Use Hyper Draw in the Arrange window to view the same data. Figure 2.12 shows the modulation on Track 2.