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Get real with MIDI 16 Figure 2.2. Overlapping notes fixed Bear in mind that `blowers' articulate with their tongues. Unless a passage is deliberately slurred, there should be small gaps between notes. This is sometimes difficult to achieve and a bit tricky but it's usually a matter of keeping the best take and polishing it up afterwards, in either the Score or Matrix Edit windows. Here are two interpretations of a short flute solo (Figure 2.3). Figure 2.3. Flute solo · Load getreal/flutes/badflt. The flute here is badly played and ignores the breath mark (V) in the fourth measure as well as the articulation marks (slurs and staccato). · Load getreal/flutes/goodflt. This is clearly much better and pays heed to the articulation as well as a gap for that all important breath. Saxophone solos will require subtle use of pitch bend to make them sound at all convincing. This is best done while playing, using the pitch bend controller on the MIDI keyboard. Pitch bend can be added afterwards but it's hard to beat the spontaneity of adding it live. Vibrato is sometimes used by sax players and this can be achieved with a touch of modulation. Go easy though, to avoid that `nanny goat' sax sound! To examine the Logic song files for this chapter, copy the folder named `getreal' from the CD to your computer. Info