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How to use this book and CD > Logic's environment - Pg. xiii

How to use this book and CD xiii Each time a take is completed, follow the same procedure and save your work as a song file. The comparison song file will always correspond to Tip When loading example files containing MIDI settings, it's quite likely that you will initially hear the wrong sounds (very likely those from a previous project or song). Use [Options > Song Settings > Used Instrument MIDI Settings] to correct them. A faster way ­ quickly cursor up or down the tracks using the arrow keys on your computer keyboard. A project invariably contains more than one song file. When opening a new song, Logic presents you with a dialog box asking `Close current songs before opening new song?' Choose `Don't close.' This way, all the project's songs can be found and opened from the lower section of the Windows menu (Figure 0.2). Tip Figure 0.2. Windows menu where you are in the project. If your version has gone astray in some way, you can always continue by working on the example instead. However, to avoid confusion, if you are happy with the result of your work, it is best to close down the example song file. Of course, you do not have to actually do the projects if you don't want to. The text can be followed and much learned by just loading and examining the example files. Logic's environment Yes, the dreaded environment. It can strike fear into the hearts of even the most seasoned music tech professional. Don't worry. Forget all that complicated virtual cabling, we don't need it here. Each example song file on the CD loads with a basic, ready-to-use environment based on Logic's default autoload song. It comprises the following: