Get Creative with Logic jingle 178 Take 7 Note Track 8: Soprano Sax (Mono Audio Object) Follow these steps: 1. 2. 3. 4. Set the Song Line at 15.1.1, and from the project9 folder import the audio file soprano.aif. Repeat the soprano Audio Region (bars 15.3.1 ­ 17.3.1) three times as far as bar 23.3.1. Save Song ­ Compare with project9/7.arr. Set the Locators to (L) 1.1.1 (R) 23.1.1 and activate the Cycle button. That's long enough for our purposes. Each cycle lasts 44 seconds. There are three mixes on the CD, Platinum, Gold and Silver, each using slightly different plug-ins. However, should a plug-in not be found, just replace it with the equivalent included with your particular version. Info The mix Load 9platmix or 9goldmix or 9silvmix to view and hear a mix of `Get Creative With Logic.' Only one send effect is used, PlatinumVerb/GoldVerb on Bus 1, and the vocal and soprano saxo- phone make use of it (Figures P9.9 and P9.10).