Get Creative with Logic jingle 2. 3. Repeat the new Audio Region (bars 5 ­ 6) between bars 7 ­ 8. Save Song ­ compare with project9/9.3. 176 OK, we have a nice funky background as a basis for the vocal, bars 1 ­ 5 serving as an introduction. At this point in the project you have the choice of recording your own improvised vocal or loading the audio files provided. It may be better to continue with mine (if you can stand it!) and overdub yours later. Take 4 Note Track 5: Vocal (Mono Audio Object) Follow these steps: 1. Set the Song Line at 5.1.1, and from the project9 folder import the vocal part, getcreat.aif. Play it through ... well, if you can do better, record your own! Obviously this piece has to move on, but how long is still unknown. The vocal can stand another repeat before boredom sets in and the same goes for the guitar so: Select the guitar and vocal Audio Regions between bars 5 ­ 9 and repeat them at bars 9 ­ 13. Save Song ­ compare with project9/9.4a. 2. 3. The vocal between bars 5 ­ 13 has definitely run out of steam. Before introducing something new it may be effective to repeat just the second phrase along with the guitar so: 1. 2. 3. With the Scissors tool, divide the vocal Audio Region at bar 11. Select the guitar and vocal Audio Regions between bars 11 ­ 13 and repeat them once only. Save Song ­ compare with project9/4b. It's time for something new. Repetition and variation, remember. The drums and bass can chug on but we must introduce another element or two. We'll start with a moody synth line, something simple that first climbs and then descends. Take 5 Note Track 6: Pad ­ Audio Instrument | ES E/Preset: soft_solina Sequence Parameters box: Qua 1/2 ­ note Transport Bar: (L) 15.1.1 (R) 23.1.1 Follow these steps: 1. Record the synth part between the Locators (Figures P9.5 and P9.6).