Get Creative with Logic jingle Info 174 If your version of Logic does not support ReCycle files, import the audio file 120bpm.aif instead. Tip Before importing ReCycle files, define a path and check the Store ReCycle Audio Song Folder panel in the Set Audio Record Path window [Audio > Set Audio Record Path...], otherwise Logic will probably save the created audio files within the Emagic folder on your hard drive instead of your current Song folder (Figure P9.2). Take 1 Track 1: Drums (Mono Audio Object) We are going to import a ReCycle File ­ donated by those fine purveyors of loops, Pocketfuel ( Follow these steps: · Ensure that the Song Line is at 1.1.1, and from the project9 folder import, or drag to Track 1, 89bpm.rex [Audio > Import Audio File...]. Because our tempo of 120 bpm is faster than that of the ReCycle file, you will be given various options on how Logic should deal with the overlapping Regions ­ Don't Fix, Add tracks, Crossfade and Render into single file. Avoid Add tracks. In this instance I settled for Crossfade. Logic creates an audio file ­ 89bpm.aif ­ that's added to the Audio and Arrange windows (Figure P9.1). Note