a minimalist soundtrack 1. 167 The tambourine (F#2) plays a one bar pattern (Figures P8.24 and P8.25) repeatedly between the Locators. I used the Extended Sequence Parameter box to loosen things ­ Q-Strength 90%. If the result is too loud, smooth the velocities using Dynamics. I applied 75% compres- sion. Figure Figure P8.24. Tambourine Figure Figure P8.25. Tambourine, Matrix view 2. Save Song ­ compare with project8/8.11. The final mix A final mix can be seen and heard in 8silvmix, 8goldmix and 8platmix (Figure P8.26). Where have all the MIDI tracks gone? I rerecorded them as audio files and deleted them. It's not a particularly easy mix and this way allows more control by using EQ, inserts and send effects. Another reason?