a minimalist soundtrack 2. 3. 4. 164 In the Sequence Parameters box, transpose the new string part down an octave (­12). It will help identification if you rename the new object Strings 2. In the Track Mixer adjust the volume for Strings 1 and 2. Avoid having them too loud. I panned them hard left and right for separation. The effect is more dramatic too. Save Song ­ compare with project8/8.5b. Take 6 1. Return to the Strings 1 track, set the Locators at (L) 17.1.1 (R) 23.1.1 and record a second glissando in the same manner as the first. This time play C2 and glide down to F (Figure P8.15). Again, copy the resulting sequence to the Strings 2 track.Transpose it down one oc- tave (­12) and rename it Strings 2. Figure Figure P8.15. More strings 2. Save Song ­ compare with project8/8.6. We have now reached the point where the full procession including the acrobats and animals is in view. Take 7 1. 2. Return to the String 1 track. Set Locators at (L) 27. 1. 1 (R) 31. 1. 1 and record the strings (Figures P8.16 and P8.17). Figure Figure P8.16. Strings Figure Figure P8.17. Strings, Matrix view 3. 4. 5. Copy the resulting sequence to the String 2 track and rename it. Transpose it an octave lower. Select both the String 1 and 2 sequences between bars 27 ­ 32 and repeat them three times as far as bar 43 [Functions > Object > Repeat Objects... (x3)]. Save Song ­ compare with project8/8.7. Take 8 1. 2. Return to the String 1 track. Set the Locators at (L) 43. 1. 1 (R) 53. 1. 1 and record the strings in Figures P8.18 and P8.19.