a minimalist soundtrack 159 Figure Figure P8.3. Looped objects will continue until stopped either by another object, or in our case the song end marker (bar 75) 4. Save Song ­ compare with project8/8.1. Take 2 Note Track 2: (Ch 2) Pizzicato Str Sequence Parameters box: Qua1/8 ­ Note Instrument Parameter box: Cha 2, Prg 45 Transport Bar: (L) 3.1.1 (R) 5.1.1 The brief requires something oriental in character and the most obvious thing that comes to mind is the pentatonic scale E G A B D. However, the guitar is only playing two notes and it would be nice to keep things simple. So let's drop the G and A. That leaves E B and D with which to build another ostinato. A light texture is required. How about pizzicato strings? Violins are not oriental instruments