a minimalist soundtrack 158 The assignment Using minimalist techniques, compose a piece of music about one and a half minutes long for use as a soundtrack with an oriental landscape scene. The scene first opens with an empty landscape. After about 20 seconds, we see the beginnings of a procession of people appear on the horizon. The procession winds its way into the foreground. After about 55 seconds, we can see that the procession contains not only marching figures, but also acrobats and elephants. After about a minute and a half, the procession has passed and gradually disappears from view. As with previous projects, you may prefer to listen to the finished article before going further. To do this, open either project8/11 or project8/8.mix and play it through a few times. Take 1 Note Track 1: Guitar 1 Follow these steps: 1. Ensure the Song Position Line is at 1.1.1, and from the project8 folder, import the audio file named guitar.aif. This is a prerecorded audio file, containing a very simple ostinato that is re- peated throughout this composition. It actually consists of an acoustic guitar and a harp sample. A one bar, stereo Audio Region containing a reference to the audio file itself is created. On playing it, you will notice the guitar begins on the first beat of the bar. Well, we need it to begin on the second eighth note of the bar so: In the Parameter box, use the drop-down menu to set a Delay of 1/ 8 (Figure P8.1). Play it 2.