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a minimalist soundtrack 169 Figure Figure P8.30. PlatinumVerb ­ WoodenVerb pre-set Tip If you prefer a more intuitive approach to EQ, experiment with the plug-ins. They are iden- tical to the track object EQs. Low Shelf EQ (Figure P8.27a) is shown as a plug-in in Figure P8.27b. When happy, note the settings and use them with the track object EQ instead. By now you've probably spotted those magic faders, moving all by themselves between bars 12 and 23. This automation data can be viewed in the Arrange window (Figure P8.26). Nodes were inserted with the Arrow tool to create crescendos and decrescendos on the strings. The strings are panned hard right and left. Finally, a complete fade-out is achieved using Hyper Draw and track