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The final mix > The final mix - Pg. 168

a minimalist soundtrack There are three mixes on the CD, Platinum, Gold and Silver, each using slightly different plug-ins. However, should a plug-in not be found, just replace it with the equivalent included with your particular version. Info 168 There's a lot going on, particularly from bar 27 onwards, and the guitar needed to be just a bit lighter. Rather than boost the higher frequencies ­ always tempting, but rarely the right decision ­ try cutting those below 100 Hz (Figures P8.27a and P8.27b). The bass benefits from some soft limiting (Figure P8.28). Bypass the Limiter to hear the difference. EQ, this time parametric (Figure P8.29), could be used to boost the rather lifeless snare (courtesy of my old Roland Sound Canvas, which is incidently responsible for all the MIDI derived sounds on this track). PlatinumVerb (Figure P8.30) has been inserted on Bus 1 and the WoodenVerb pre-set is used to `float' the oboe above the general racket! Figure Figures P8.27a and b. Low Shelf EQ and Low Shelf EQ plug-in Figure Figure P8.28. Soft limiting Figure Figure P8.29. Parametric EQ