a TV sitcom theme 148 Take 8 1. 2. Return to the organ track (Ch 4). Set the Locators to (L) 15. 1. 1 (R) 25. 1. 1 and record Figure P7.31. Do it in sections if you prefer (Figures P7.32 and P7.33). Figure Figures P7.31 ­ P7.33. More organ, Score view, and Matrix view of section one and section two 3. Save Song ­ compare with project7/7.8. Take 9 1. Return to the guitar track (Ch 3). How do we fit the distorted guitar into this more melancholic section? The most obvious answer is to leave it out. Not only would it spoil the mood, omitting it creates a nice sense of emptiness. However it will boost the unison line in bar 22, so: Set the Locators to (L) 22. 1. 1 (R) 25. 1. 1 and record the ending (Figures P7.34 and P7.35). 2.