a TV sitcom theme 140 Take 1 Note Track 1: (Ch 1) Grand Piano Sequence Parameters box: Qua 8 & 12 Instrument Parameter box: Cha 1, Prg 0 Because a blues shuffle feel is required here the Quantization has been set to 8T. The melody will eventually be played on tenor sax but we will construct it first using a piano pre-set. The template has a time signature of 4/4 and the tempo is 105 bpm. Now this may be a bit fast for you. If so scroll the tempo to suit you. When listening back, scroll back to 105 bpm. To help you decide how to break it down, here's a brief analysis of the melody (Figure P7.1). Info Figure Figure P7.1. The melody · Bar 1 poses a musical question, bar 2 answers it. Bars 1 to 3 then, are a phrase and use all six notes of the G blues scale. · The phrase is repeated between bars 3 and 5 but ­ for variation and continuation ­ the last note has been changed from Bb to G. · Bars 5 to 7 are a repetition of the first phrase but this time use the C blues scale. It's repeated between bars 7 and 9 with pitch variation on the last two beats. · Bars 9 to 11 are an exact repetition of the first phrase using the G blues scale. · Bar 11 uses the D blues scale. Bar 12 is a repetition but uses the C blues scale. · Bar 13 is an exact repetition of bar 1. Bar 14 is a new ending phrase using part of the G blues scale. Follow these steps: 1. Record the melody in Figure P7.1. How you do it is up to you. If you are an accomplished keyboard player it can be done in one pass. It's more likely that you will opt to record it in sections (Figures P7.2, P7.3, and P7.4).