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a TV sitcom theme 151 · Drums are in the center of the stereo picture and, in this case, the kick drum is left dry. A small amount of snare drum is sent to PlatinumVerb via Bus 1. Because of the long reverb being used, any more would sound very messy. To save processing power, only one reverb unit has been used. Feel free to add another if your computer's CPU can cope. · Bass was recorded with a touch of reverb from the GM sound module. Nothing further is added and it's left dead center. · Guitar is panned left and a small amount treated with reverb. · Organ is panned right and treated with a little reverb. Another device, Logic's Flanger (Figure P7.41), has been inserted here. Normally used as a bus effect, in this case it's OK as a channel insert because only one track is using it. Figure Figure P7.41. Flanger · Automation is used on the organ track. With the Track Mixer open, play the piece through. At bar 15, where things cool down a little, the Flanger kicks in (the channel insert button becomes illuminated ­ blue) and the volume fader rises a little. When the band returns in full, the volume returns to its previous level and the flanger is turned off. (I love all this! Could play with it for