a football theme 124 Figure Figures P6.26 and P6.27. Snare drum, Score and Matrix view 2. 3. Copy the resulting sequence three more times to complete 16 bars . Save song ­ compare with project/6.6a. The entire 16 bars will stand a repeat, but first: 1. 2. 3. 4. With the Song Line on 2.1.1, use the Scissors tool, make a cut between bars 1 and 2 on the Trumpet 1 track , to isolate the `pick-up.' Drag a copy of the new sequence (bar 1) and drop it on top of bar 17 to create another pick-up. With the Glue tool, join all the sequences on each track together between bars 2 ­ 18. Do not include the `pick-up' at bar 1. Now set the Locators at (L) 2.1.1 (R) 18.1.1, select everything between [Edit > Select Inside Locators] and repeat once [Functions > Object > Repeat Objects... x1]. Choose Copies from the dialog box. Save Song ­ compare with project/6.6b. 5. The piece is now one minute long. Time for an ending. It has to be short and snappy to fit the brief. Take 7 1. 2. Set the Locators to (L) 34. 1. 1 (R) 37. 1. 1. Record the Brass, Bass and Kick Drum parts in Figure P6.28. The brass needs to be straight here so use 1/8 ­ Note quantization.