a football theme 2. 119 Press the Select and Operate button (Figure P6.14). You have now successfully changed eight events at once in a matter of moments. Well that's the theory anyway. Figure 6.14. Select and Operate button What we actually told Transform to do was: · Conditions ­ find all notes between F3 and F4 that are in length and: The Transform window has the power to perform complex edits and transformations of MIDI data. · Processing Section ­ lengthen those notes by two whole beats. To complete the procedure: 1. 2. 3. 4. Type a name (Lengthen Notes) in the Parameter Set box. Check the Hide Unused Parameters box and all the unaltered menus disappear. In the Arrange window, lengthen the last sequence ­ Cell 8 (bars 15 ­ 17) by one bar to ac- commodate the longer note we have just created and glue all the sequences together. Save song ­ compare with project/6.1d. Info Now this was a very simple operation compared to the complex tasks that Transform can handle and was used as an example to demonstrate the power of this feature. Using it will become easier in time, I promise! Believe me, it really does save a great deal of time. Check out the pre-sets.