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Chapter Project 6 ­. a football theme > Take 11 ­ We record an audio track - Pg. 128

a football theme 2. Save song ­ compare with project/6.10. 128 Take 11 ­ We record an audio track OK, apart from the mixing we're finished. Or are we? Now I'm a saxophone player and although I'm happy enough with the solo brass part, I can mentally hear a tenor sax answering those brass phrases. So I recorded an audio track. Obviously, every reader can't follow me step by step as with the MIDI side of things so far (unless they happen to play tenor sax), but I can explain the process. This will serve as a guide to the general principles involved in recording vocal tracks and acoustic instruments. Before proceeding further, I would advise readers ­ if they have not yet done so ­ to thoroughly read their manuals for a complete understanding of how Logic handles the audio recording process. On the surface, in the Arrange window, audio objects look the same as MIDI objects and are manipu- lated in a similar fashion. However, behind the scenes, in the editors, things are somewhat different. Tip To make them easy to find in the Track Mixer, rename Audio Objects with a meaningful name before actually recording. OK, here's how it's done. Recording a saxophone is not so different to recording vocals. I'm using a good quality condenser mic, in preference to a dynamic type and routing the signal through an external mixing console to my sound card. To record the audio track, I: 1. 2. 3. In the Environment, made sure an Audio Object existed. In the Arrange window, selected the Audio Object and renamed it `Sax.' Armed the Audio Object by clicking on the button marked R, to the left of the Audio Object (Figure P6.38). The Audio Object was now prepared for recording. Figure Figure P6.38. Arming an Audio Object 4. Set a Record Path [Audio > Set Audio Record Path... or Key Command A]. A dialog box appeared (Figure P6.39). I checked the box in the Tip When setting a recording path, choose the Song Recording Path as opposed to Global Recording Path to save all your audio in the same folder as your song files. Info The faders in the Track Mixer are not used to alter the input level, only the recorded signal. Tip To avoid distortion, make sure the input signals do not exceed 0.0 dB. top panel ­ Use Audio Object Name for Filename. The third panel from the top ­ Maximum Recording Time: 5 min. ­ should be checked by default. It's best left that way! Selecting Song Recording Path from the menu in the fourth panel from the top, I then clicked on the Set button (audio device), and in the resulting dialog box, typed a name for the audio files and chose a path to store them. I chose the name Sax and navigated a path to the project6 folder.