a football theme Info 115 When loading example files containing MIDI settings, it's quite likely that you will initially hear the wrong sounds (very likely those from a previous project or song). Use [Options > Song Settings > Used Instrument MIDI Settings] to correct them. A faster way ­ quickly cursor up or down the tracks using the arrow keys on your computer keyboard. The assignment You have been commissioned to compose a one minute theme for a football program. It must be upbeat in tempo, attention grabbing, and uplifting in character. To gain an overall picture, at this point you may prefer to listen to the finished thing rather than let things unfold. To do so, load one of the three mixes contained in the project6 folder. Take 1 Track 1: (Ch 1) Brass 1 | Tpt 1 Sequence Parameters box: Qua 8C Swing Instrument Parameter box: Cha 1, Prg 61 Transport Bar: (L) 1.1.1 (R) 3.1.1 A blank Arrange page presents a daunting prospect. But wait ­ an initial fragment of melody has presented itself and stubbornly sticks in the mind, refusing to go away (Figures P6.1 and P6.2). Let's record it and take it from there. I've chosen a Brass Synth sound to get that `uplifting' quality. To Note