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Take 11 ­ We record an audio track > Take 11 ­ We record an audio track - Pg. 130

a football theme 130 By blowing as loud as I knew I would be when actually recording, the red clipping indicator (at the top of the fader) was lighting up. This was cured by reducing the fader level on the external mixer. Everybody finds their own way of doing things. It's possible to cycle record several takes and either choose the best or edit them. I prefer to record a `take' and listen back. If I like it ­ great. If I don't, I delete it and record another straight away. In Logic this `take' ­ referred to as an Audio Region ­ is not actually deleted, but remains on the hard disk, in the Audio window, so I can change my mind and recall it later. Audio Regions are the equivalent of MIDI sequences. In the Arrange window, they look similar but there is a difference. Regions are only a reference to parts of audio files on the hard disk whereas sequences actually contain MIDI data. Playing the saxophone and recording ­ pressing record buttons on and off at the same time etc. ­ is an unwieldy, and potentially dangerous task to say the least. Fortunately the whole process can be automated in Logic. (Not the sax playing of course!) Before recording the sax, I: 1. 2. 3. Muted the solo trumpet on Track 4. Set the Locators at (L) 18. 1. 1 (R) 26. 1. 1. Activated the Auto-drop button on the Transport bar (Figure P6.42). Figure Figure P6.42. Auto-drop button 4. Scrolled back a few bars and pressed Play. When the Song Pointer reached bar 18, on came