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a football theme 118 Before we start, let's have a look around. In the Arrange window, select the track and open the Transform window [Windows > Open Transform]. Pretty scary eh! Now, don't quit Logic and throw the book out of the window, it really isn't too bad. You know what they say? It's easy when you know how. There are two main sections in the Transform window: · Select by Conditions ­ where we select events to change. · Operations on selected Events ­ where the selected events are changed. Directly above them are three buttons to implement the changes. Select and Operate is the most commonly used. To the left of these are two boxes. The topmost is for selecting and creating Pa- rameter Sets. The lower is a checkbox that allows you to hide all the unused pull-down menus in the conditions and operations boxes. The eighth notes we need to lengthen (one in each object or cell) are all exactly the same length because we duplicated them. In my example this length is, but will almost certainly be slightly different in yours. I'm going to lengthen them by two whole beats. The lowest note is F3 and the highest is F4. The chances are, when you opened the Transform window, it was displaying a predefined Param- eter Set. Logic comes with over a dozen of these but none of them will do what we need. So, we'll have to create our own set. Follow these steps: · In the Parameter Set box, choose **Create User Set!** from the drop-down menu. The text will change to Transform Parameter Set. All the menu boxes are now displayed in the Conditions and Operations sections below.