a computer game track 96 Pan settings · Guitar 1 actually functions as a kind of bass line. It's usual to place the bass in the center (64) so that's what I did. · Guitar 2 was upsetting the balance a little. I left it where it was (88) but applied 75% compression. · The clarinet was competing for space with the accordion, so I moved it to the right (80). · The pizzicato strings have changed sides (48). They enter after the clarinet, which is on the right, and I wanted a contrast. Volume levels I used the Track Mixer to play around with the volume levels until I found a suitable balance. The main thing to remember here is to keep the ES E pad fairly low to begin with. Think of it as a backdrop, a kind of musical canvas on which the other instruments are painted, one at a time. As each one appears it should sound clear and detailed against the backdrop, but never too dominant. I ended up with the settings in Figure P5.36. Yours of course will be different. Figure Figure P5.36. Track Mixer settings