a computer game track 87 Incidentally, we have now taken the clarinet below its normal range. No matter. In the real world a bass clarinet would play this part. As the GM sound set does not contain a bass clarinet, transposing the normal clarinet this low is acceptable. OK this seems to be working. Let's copy another 16 bars. This time we'll do it a slightly different way. 1. 2. Set the Locators between bars 33 and 49. Select the sequences [Edit > Select Inside Locators] and copy [Edit > Copy]. Make sure the Song Position Line is set to 49. 1. 1 and paste [Edit > Paste] the copied sequences to their new location. Save Song ­ compare with project5/5.4. 3. Something new? I love pizzicato strings used to add that atmospheric touch. We will now add a simple arpeggio figure. Take 5 Note Track 5: (Ch 5) Pizzicato Str Sequence Parameters box: Qua 1/8 ­ note Instrument Parameter box: Cha 5, Prg 45 Transport Bar: (L) 49.1.1 (R) 53.1.1 Follow these steps: