a computer game track 4. 86 5. 6. Select the second sequence (bars 25 ­ 33) and as we did with the guitars, transpose it down a perfect fourth (­5) in the Sequence Parameters box, and use Functions > Sequence Param- eter > Normalize Sequence Parameters to make it permanent. Select all the sequences on all the tracks between bars 17 and 33. Copy and paste them to bar 33. We now have 48 bars of music. Save Song ­ compare with project5/5.3b. Let's review things so far. We have set a nice background scene through the use of repetitive ostinato figures and limited harmonic variation. Nothing here to distract the game player while he noodles around the murky dockyard looking for treasure maps. Even so, to repeat it again would run the risk of sending him to the land of nod. We need some melody, but nothing too intrusive. A fragment lasting around four measures would be ideal. Choice of instrument? What about clarinet? Nice and dark when played in the lower register. Take 4 Note Track 4: (Ch 4) Clarinet Sequence Parameters box: Qua 1/16 ­ note Instrument Parameter box: Cha 3, Prg 71 Transport Bar: (L) 33.1.1 (R) 37.1.1 Follow these steps: · Record the clarinet part (Figures P5.13 and P5.14).