a computer game track 92 Figure Figure P5.26. Recognizing an alias The ES E (es ensemble) is an eight-voice polyphonic softsynth and very useful for a variety of `pad' and ensemble sounds. Info Take 10 Note Track 10: (Ch 10) Audio Instrument 1 | ES E Pre-set [Factory 1 > bright_PWM_Strings] Sequence Parameters box: Qua 1/4 ­ note Instrument Parameter box: Cha 1 Transport Bar: (L) 1.1.1 (R) 9.1.1 I have chosen the ES E pre-set called bright_PWM_strings. You may prefer another, or you may want to experiment and edit the chosen pre-set. To do so: 1. Select Track 10 ­ Audio Instrument 1 ­ and open the Track Mixer [Windows > Open Track Mixer]. On the mixer, the Audio Instrument 1 object will be framed in red (Figure P5.28).