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Chapter Project 5 ­. a computer game track - Pg. 80

80 Chapter Project 5 ­. a computer game track We will now follow the creative composition process through using a set brief and applying principles and techniques discussed in previous chapters. The music composed here does not use melodic development to carry it forward, but an additive technique whereby small fragments and cells of material are repeated and transposed to form blocks of material. These blocks are repeated in a loop like fashion and new layers of material are introduced in subsequent cycles to maintain interest. The overall effect is a static one, but that is precisely what we want ­ atmospheric background music. Musical objectives · Build a complete composition with Logic from small fragments and motifs using simple techni- ques of repetition and harmonic variation. · Paint an atmospheric musical landscape suitable for background music to match the demands of the brief. · Achieve clarity and balance through choice of instruments (timbre), stereo placement and mix- ing. Logic skills In the Matrix Edit window · Alter note lengths. · Change velocity values. · Apply Legato. In the Sequence Parameters box · Use the Transpose feature. · Apply Dynamics ­ compression. In the Arrange window · · · · · · · · Repeat Objects. Create Aliases. Normalize sequence parameters. Use the Transpose feature in the Sequence Parameters box. Use MIDI controllers Volume, Pan, Reverb and Chorus. Insert and utilize ES E virtual softsynth. Set up and utilize bus sends. Insert and utilize SilverVerb plug-in Adaptive Track Mixer