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Take 9 > Take 9 - Pg. 91

a computer game track 1. 91 Record the tubular bell (Figures P5.24 and P5.25). It works like a charm. Pan it to value 94 for now. Figure Figures P5.24 and P5.25. Tubular bell, Score and Matrix view 2. Now we calculate how many times to repeat the seashore and tubular bell. 72 bars, divided by 8 = 9 times. Use Functions > Object > Repeat Objects. In the resulting dialog box, you will be asked: · Number of Copies ­ type 9 here. · Adjustment ­ select Auto here. · as ­ select Aliases here. · Save Song ­ compare with project5/5.9. What now? We have 80 bars of music, a full sound canvas with no room left for any moving parts without the risk of confusing the listener. I still think it needs something else ... a pad of some kind ... high strings in fifths will create a nice backdrop and sit well with the descending guitar chords. Now