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a classical score 4. 5. 75 Return to the Track Mixer, press the Cycle button and practice raising the fader levels for the strings to about 105 each time the music reaches bar 8. When you're ready, press the Record button and, channel by channel, record the fader move- ments. The data will be recorded into their respective tracks. When you're finished, press Stop! Tip When mixing, keep the solo instrument ­ in this case the clarinet ­ in the center of the stereo picture and, if necessary, raise its volume for prominence. To ensure that the faders return to their original positions when replaying a song, ensure that `Chase Control 0 ­ 15' and `Send full MIDI Reset before Chasing' are checked in the Song Settings [Options >Settings >Chase Events]. Press Stop again to return the Song Position to zero and play the sequence back. Gaze in wonder as the faders move all by themselves when the music reaches bar 8! I love it. Could watch them all day. Sad, really, isn't it? You can view the fader movement reflected in the Event List window as Controller #7 data (Figure P4.30). Tip 6. 7.