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a classical score 67 Figure Figures P4.3 and P4.4. Clarinet concerto score, pages 3 and 4 Info The template has a time signature of 3/4 and the tempo is 65 bpm. Tip When loading example files containing MIDI settings, it's quite likely that you will initially hear the wrong sounds (very likely those from a previous project or song). Use [Options > Song Settings > Used Instrument MIDI Settings] to correct them. A faster way ­ quickly cursor up or down the tracks using the arrow keys on your computer keyboard. Figure Figures P4.1 and P4.2. Clarinet concerto score, pages 1 and 2 The strings are written in Eb (three flats) and the clarinet in F (one flat). This is because clarinets are pitched in Bb. When Bb is played on the piano, a clarinet plays the note C. Wiithout getting into the complexities of a thorough explanation, what this means is we read and play the score as written and transpose it down a tone. To achieve this, it is necessary to enter ­2 in the Sequence Parameters box.