a jazz funk score 52 Figure Figure P3.15. The trumpet after 16B Swing quantization You may be wondering why we are not tweaking the values in the Extended Quantize Parameter box. We did so much of it in Project 2 after all! Well hang on a bit. We are going to humanize things a different way at the end of this project. Logic is a very flexible program and there is usually more than one way of doing things. Take 4 Track 2: Tenor Sax Sequence Parameters box: Qua 16B Swing Instrument Parameter box: Cha 2, Prg 66, Transpose ­12 Transport Bar: (L) 1.1.1 (R) 5.1.1 Follow these steps: 1. Record the tenor sax between the Locators. Note bar 4 is blank (Figures P3.16 and P3.17). Again I have chosen a 16B Swing for a quantize value. If you chose another on Take 1, choose it again here otherwise the horns may sound sloppy! Note Figure Figure P3.16. Tenor sax Figure Figure P3.17. Tenor sax, Matrix view Info You may have noticed the figure eight just below the treble clef sign at the beginning of the tenor sax staff (Figure P3.18). This tells us that the tenor sax is notated one octave higher on the score than it actually sounds. That's why we have ­12 entered in the Instrument Parameter box for this take.