a jazz funk score Tip 49 When loading example files containing MIDI settings, it's quite likely that you will initially hear the wrong sounds (very likely those from a previous project or song). Use [Options > Song Settings > Used Instrument MIDI Settings] to correct them. A faster way ­ quickly cursor up or down the tracks using the arrow keys on your computer keyboard. Take 1 Track 7: Standard drums | Kick/Snare Sequence Parameters box: Qua 1/8 ­ note Instrument Parameter box: Cha 10, Prg 0 Transport Bar: (L) 1.1.1 (R) Follow these steps: 1. Record (or enter manually in the Hyper Edit window: GM Drum Set) four bars of kick (C1) and snare (D1) drums (Figures P3.5, P3.6 and P3.7). Note Figure Figure P3.5. Kick and snare drums