a jazz funk score 56 Figure Figure P3.30. Drums, Matrix view 2. 3. Save Song. Record the last four bars of trumpet, tenor sax and trombone on their respective tracks (Figures P3.32 and P3.33). Again, be consistent with the quantize values (mine is 16B Swing). Figure Figure P3.32. Trumpet, tenor sax and trombone Figure Figure P3.33. Trumpet, Matrix view 4. Save Song ­ compare with project 3/3.9. Take 10 Note Track 4: Distortion Guitar Sequence Parameters box: Qua 16B Swing Instrument Parameter box: Cha 4, Prg 30 Transport Bar: (L) 1.1.1 (R) 5.1.1 Guitar parts are usually written one octave higher than they actually sound, even on a concert score. In this case, as we are playing a keyboard, it has been left at concert pitch. Play exactly as written, nice and choppy, with short notes. Follow these steps: 1. Record the guitar between the Locators (Figures P3.34 and P3.35). If you have problems play- ing against the horn parts, mute them.