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a jazz funk score 1. 2. 3. 65 In the `Select by Conditions' section you'll see [Status = Note]. Leave it. In the `Operations on selected Events' section, from left to right, you'll see [Position + ­ Rand 10]. Scroll this value to 5. The other two boxes in the Operations on selected Events section show a value of 10. Scroll them both to 0. We don't want to randomize the trumpet velocities or note lengths. The Transform window should now look like Figure P3.60. Figure Figure P3.60. The altered Transform window 4. 5. Perform the transformation by clicking the `Select and Operate' button at the top of the window. The events selected and transformed ­ in this case 97 ­ are now shown in the title bar. Close the Transform window and return to the Event List window. All the trumpet note events are now shown as selected and randomized within plus or minus five ticks from their previous position (Figure P3.61).