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a jazz funk score 64 Figure Figure P3.57. Assigning MIDI controllers These were my settings: Trumpet Vol. Pan 120 64 Tenor Sax 115 48 Trombone 115 80 Dist. Gtr. 85 32 Rock Organ 85 96 Slap Bass 100 64 Drums 100 64 Tip For those of you who have not used reverberation before ­ beware! ­ use sparingly. Too much will muddy the mix. A finishing touch: The brass section sounds real tight! Too tight maybe. Let's humanize it. 1. In the Arrange window, select all five objects on Track 1 (trumpet) and with the Glue tool, join them together by clicking on the first object. You should now have one long sequence for Track 1. Open the Event List window [Window > Open Event List]. The sequence was quantized using a value of 16B Swing and should look something like Figure P3.58. This is fine but all three horns are playing exactly the same thing, in unison. Had they been in three part harmony, things would be a little better but as it is, only their note lengths are different. 2. Figure Figure P3.58. Trumpet quantized with 16B Swing, Event List view 3. From here (the Event List window), choose [Functions > Transform > Humanize]. The Trans- form window will open complete with the Humanize pre-set. Figure Figure P3.59. The Transform window ­ `Humanize' pre-set We are going to randomize all the notes by plus or minus five ticks.