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Take 12 > Take 12 - Pg. 60

a jazz funk score Follow these steps: 1. 2. Ensure that `Qua off' is selected. This will give us a more realistic performance. 60 Either record my trombone break (Figures P3.43 and P3.44), or better still, invent your own. Rule of thumb? Keep it simple! Figure Figure P3.43. Trombone break Figure Figure P3.44. Trombone break, Matrix view 3. Record a tenor sax break (Figures P3.45 and P3.46). Figure Figure P3.45. Tenor sax break Figure Figure P3.46. Tenor sax break, Matrix view Note Track: 2 Tenor Sax Sequence Parameters box: Qua off (3840) 4. Transport Bar: (L) 8.1.1 (R) 9.1.1 Record a trumpet break (Figures P3.47 and P3.48). Figure Figure P3.47. Trumpet break Figure Figure P3.48. Trumpet break, Matrix view