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Take 8 > Take 8 - Pg. 40

a rock score Tip 40 5. 6. Remember, if you decide to enter the drum beats manually in the Hyper Edit window, all the events will be hard quantized. Tweak the Quantize parameters in the Extended Sequence Parameters box afterwards to loosen things up a bit. The next four bars, 9 ­ 13, are the same. You can either record or enter them again or do it the easy way and duplicate the previous sequence. Play and record, or enter manually, the last four bars, 13 ­ 17 (Figures P2.40, P2.41 and P2.42). Figure Figure P2.40 (above). The kick and snare drums, bars 13­17 Figure Figure P2.41 (below). The kick and snare drums, bars 13­17, Matrix view Figure Figure P2.42. The kick and snare drums, bars 13­17, Hyper view 7. 8. Tweak the quantize parameters. Save Song ­ compare with project2/2.8b. Regardless of the method you used to create the drum sequences in Take 8, why not take a look at the results in all three Edit windows. · The Hyper Edit window will provide a graphical display and corresponding drum names ­ re- member to create a GM Drum Set. · The Matrix Edit view will provide a graphical display that corresponds to the notes actually played on the keyboard.