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Chapter Project 16 ­. audio pitch shifting - Pg. 208

208 Chapter Project 16 ­. audio pitch shifting Musical objective · Use the Time and Pitch Machine to alter the pitch of audio files. Preparation 1. 2. 3. 4. From the CD, copy the folder named project16 to your computer. On your computer, create a folder called mywork16 or something similar in which to save your work. From the project16 folder, open the template ­ templt16. In your new mywork16 folder, re-save the template as myproj16 or something similar. The assignment This template contains three identical audio files, a few bars of alto sax playing a jazz waltz. How about turning this into a sax section with harmonies? It can be done quite quickly with Logic's Time and Pitch Machine. No extra players needed! Follow these steps: 1. 2. On Track 2 ­ select the Audio Region named altosax.2 and double-click to open the Sample Editor. In the Sample Editor ­ open the Time and Pitch Machine [Factory > Time and Pitch Machine ...]. Now this looks interesting! For a start there's a picturesque graphical display with a ball that is moved with the mouse (Figure P16.1).