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audio pitch shifting 7. 211 In the Arrange window, on Track 3 ­ select the Audio Region named altosax.3 and double-click to open the Sample Editor. 8. Open the Time and Pitch Machine, and this time set a Transpose parameter of ­700. That's a fifth lower. This time turn the Harmonic Correction `on.' Press the Prelisten button. It sounds rather like a baritone sax to me, which is fine. Press the Process and Paste button. 9. Now play all three tracks together. Instant sax section! 10. Save Song ­ compare with project16/16.1. Info In the Time and Pitch Machine, transposition is measured in 1/100 semitone units (cents). In other words, one semitone is entered in the Transpose parameter box as 100. Raising pitch by a tone (two semitones) is therefore entered as 200 and so forth.