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audio pitch shifting 209 Figure Figure P16.1. Time and Pitch Machine 3. 4. 5. Experiment! Mess about with it and use the Prelisten button to hear the results. This will give you a fair indication of what it's about. OK, you've had your fun! Let's get serious. The results we need are best obtained using the parameter menus. There are two columns, Original and Destination. We are going to transpose this file up a fourth. That's five semitones. So, enter 500 in the Destination Transpose parameter box. The Original should be set at `Free.' Leave the Harmonic Correction set to `off.' More on this shortly. Hold down the Prelisten button. You'll hear a speeded up version at a higher pitch. What do you think? Sounds a bit Mickey Mouse doesn't it? Well I don't mind. It'll not sound speeded up once processed and the altered tone sounds rather like that of a soprano saxophone. All the