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matching Song tempo to audio 3. 4. 5. 6. 198 7. 8. Turn the selected audio into a Region [Edit > Selection > Region]. New start and end points are inserted. The Audio Regions in the Arrange and Audio windows are adjusted accordingly. In the Arrange window ­ move the Region back to 1.1.1. In the Arrange window ­ set up a one bar cycle (or more, depending on your choice in Step 1). In the Sample Editor ­ to find the real tempo use Functions > Adjust Tempo by Selection & Locators. A dialog box appears giving you the option to adjust the tempo globally or just from the beginning of the Region. Choose `Globally.' The tempo on my version changed to 84.8920. Yours, almost certainly, will be slightly different. Save Song ­ compare to project11/11.1. Now, although the tempo came out as 84.8920 bpm, I happen to know ­ because I recorded it! ­ that the original tempo was exactly 85 bpm. So, for the following projects that use this audio file I have adjusted the tempo to just that.